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 17L Halogen Oven Portable Convection Ovens Cooker

17L Halogen Oven Portable Convection Ovens Cooker

17L Halogen Oven Portable Convection Ovens Cooker

Halogen Convection Oven has become more and more popular recently.

Overall Rating:
8 Reviews
SKU: EP23583GB

Price: £33.95 incl. VAT + Free Shipping

List Price: £42.99

You Save: £9.00 (20% OFF)

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    Halogen Convection Oven has become more and more popular recently.

    People who already own a halogen oven can be almost evangelical about them,because halogen ovens cook food faster and use less energy than traditional ovens. They are also highly portable, perfect for people who like to get away at the weekend to go camping or self catering. With a halogen oven you can still cook the normal variety of foods you used to do in your big oven, it’s just a bit easier. This turbo convection oven can do it all: bake, roast, steam, grill, air fry, defrost or reheat food . No need to thaw frozen meat, no need to add oil, saves energy compared to traditional ovens and cooks healthy food in half the time. It heats quickly and efficiently while sealing aroma and moisture for maximum flavor. The hot air inside the oven will never bring about smoke, nor will the food be burnt. Your kitchen is then clean and safe, free from contamination.

    Now, enjoy the benefits that our Halogen oven has to offer as it transforms your lifestyle, from easier cooking to healthier eating.

    • Triple cooking power: halogen, convection and infrared.
    • Come with self-cleaning function, making your life even easier.
    • Extender ring to adjust you cooker from 12 to a full 17L capacity.
    • The fryer works to cook using hot air which can cook meals quickly.
    • Halogen ovens can cook food up to 40% faster than a standard oven.
    • Allow you to cook healthy food with little or no oil without losing out on flavour.
    • Accessories including 1x tong, 2x cook racks,1x extender ring and 1x lid stand.
    • 12L tempered heat resistant glass cooking bowl provides ample cooking space.
    • Thoughtful safety design. Only when the handle be put down will the machine work.
    • Multifunctional cooker can be used to roast,bake,broil,steam,fry,defrost or reheat food.
    • Perfect item for recreational vehicles,boats,dorm rooms,camping and small kitchen spaces.
    • Our oven saves electricity up to 20% as compared to ordinary ovens(experiment shows that).
    • Color: White(As the picture shows)
    • Material: Tempered glass + ABS+ Stainless steel+ Silicone
    • Voltage and frequency: 220V-240V /50HZ
    • Power: 1200-1400W
    • Capacity: 12L-17L
    • Temperature range: 65℃ - 250℃
    • Timer: 0-60mins
    • Net weight: about 5.7kg
    • Gross weight: about 6.7kg 
    • Diameter of Pot: 32cm 
    • Product size: about 39*34*34/39cm (L x W x H)
    • Package size: about 40*40*27cm (L x W x H) 
    • Package includes: 
    • 1 x Premium Halogen Oven
    • 1 x Extender Ring 
    • 1 x Lid Stand
    • 1 x Tong
    • 1 x High Rack
    • 1 x Low Rack
    • 1 x Instruction
Customer reviews

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Customer reviews


Fabulous, easy to use. Haven't used my main oven since I purchased it. Would recommend this to friends and family


This is the third oven I have bought. I bought both of them in the store before, and each of them has not been used more than a year and a half. I hope this one will last longer.The price is similar to what I bought before, but it feels more intimate. For example, the switch button is made more secure, the 5 litre extender ring made more better. I especially like this kind of oven, because it is transparent, you can see clearly the process of food changes, which is more convenient for me to make delicious food.


I bought this to use at our static caravan, I was so pleased with the way food comes out that I have purchased one to use at home. I added an air fryer ring to the order and this too is a pleasure.


I bought it for my mum, she was so happy when she received, my mum very like to cook, Have cooked in it fish ( brilliant as it does not dry out at all being semi-wrapped in foil; also cheese on toast (great); quiche - it's lovely you can watch it gradually setting! And jacket potatoes.


Its fast and easy....you can see the food cooking. It does great bacon....and chicken fits in nicely. Its rubbish at toast....it just bakes the bread hard. I put a piece of greaseproof paper?on the bottom so only once in a while I stick it in the dishwasher. The grills go in more often. Yep....I have not used the big oven since I bought this.


12L Air Fryer Cooker This capacity is large enough to be used for grilled fish, roast chicken, grilled ribs, lamb, very easy to cook. I like to use it to bake cakes. The temperature is easy to control and it is very easy to clean.


It is very efficient when you use it for cooking. I mostly use it to bake baguettes from stores and it works very well.
I like how you can see what's happening because it's see-through.
The capacity is large enough to fit in a lot of stuff.
Temperature is easy to control and there's a timer so you just have to switch that on and leave it to go.
It is easy to clean but a bit heavy and you have to be careful when washing the lid so it's a bit uncomfortable.


It gave me very good service and quickly became a kitchen essential. It is energy efficient when cooking small quantities, rather than heating up my conventional gas oven.
This is a completely new way to cook. Ideal - just chuck in half a dozen things and click the timer. No hanging about for pesky big oven to heat! Less reliance on unhealthy frying pan. And I can see what's happening.