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3m Garden Parasol with Crank

3m Garden Parasol with Crank

This garden parasol is perfect for adding a little shade to your outdoor dining space.

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15 Reviews
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    This garden parasol is perfect for adding a little shade to your outdoor dining space.


    This parasol is erected via a crank handle which allows you to adjust the height and angle of the parasol so that you can always be protected from the sun no matter where it is in the sky. It will fit through the parasol hole of most tables or can be used freestanding with the aid of a stand (Not included) to create a safe and shaded dining area when needed. We always recommend that the parasol is not used during windy or extreme weather conditions.


    Are you looking for such an umbrella? Just bring this amazing umbrella home.


    • High quality
    • Large 3m Garden Parasol
    • Tilt and Crank using the handle
    • Ideal for commercial and residential use
    • Suitable for gardens, decking, patio etc
    • UV protective and water resistant
    • Easy to operate
    • We recommend that the parasol is not used in windy or extreme weather conditions.
    • Stand is NOT included
    • Colour: Beige/ Black
    • Material: Steel & polyester cloth
    • Umbrella diameter: 3m
    • Pole diameter: 38 mm
    • Package include: 
    • 1 × Umbrella
    • 1 × Bottom pole
Customer reviews

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Customer reviews


Works well, looks good and is big! You just need about 20kg of gravel or sand in a bag to stop it blowing over . We put ours in a metal parasol stand and weighted it with a parasol bag full of gravel. It stays put and we live in a windy area, and this was cheaper than buying those special weights for parasols .


Very good


Very nice parasol,good for summer and raining day.we are enjoy with this parasol in the sunny day.sit under it and drinks cocktails.what a lovely moment.The quality of it is good.easy to set up and use it.would recommend it to people.


Fantastic feature! Just put it up, and it was so simple! Looks awesome. I think its really good value for money. Perfect for small garden. Doesnt take too much space and i can fold away when i dont need it.


This is slightly higher than the original one we had but that too is good, seems sturdy enough and serves its purpose, the only thing missing is a tie to close it when not in use but certainly value for money.


the pole was so high that I couldn't reach the mechanism to tilt the umbrella. When it was tilted for me it was very easy to collide with the umbrella side. Remedied by slicing off some of the bottom of the pole and moving the umbrella to a safer place. Overall, very nice. Would be nice to find a larger umbrella. Seems this size is the largest size most accessible on the market.


Looks great so easy to put up


Very strong and sturdy


Thoroughly recommend this parasol it’s beautiful.


The cornflower seeds have not arrived and nor has the blue plant.


couldn't be better both parasol and service


good item


Great parasol really big only minus needs tethering on windy days


Lovely lightweight, easy to put up, ideal sunshade.


Great product. Fab price.

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