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Costway Point

What Is A Point

Costway reward point is a kind of coupon or discount which you can get through a variety of activities in our www.costway.co.uk online shop. By exchanging costway points for a certain amount of discount, you can save up to 20% of your total order value in your shopping cart. Compared with normal coupons and discounts, costway reward points will never get expired.

How Can I Exchange Points Into Discounts?

When you place an order, you can directly exchange the points that you earned to some money. Each costway reward point equals to 0.01 pound.

How Can I Get More Costway Points

Once you have registered with www.costway.co.uk, you can earn points through the following methods.

1. When you register our website, you can get 100 points. Check my points

2. By subscribing to newsletter in your account, you will get another 100 points.

3. Place order
When the order is completed, you can get some costway point. £1 equals to 1 costway point. (e.g., you will get 100 costway points after you placed an order with a £100 total value.)

4. Writing detailed reviews
After you placed an order and received your package, you will probably get 100 points by wirting an All 5 Star review with detailed product description, user experience or any good advice to us.

5. Activity
We sometimes have activities, though which you can get double points. Please always keep an eye on our newsletter or www.costway.co.uk!