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Why Costway

1. Impossible Low Price

We are offering our customers the best product with a preferential price all over the world.

1. With the three large-scale purchase bases, we have a good control of the supply chain to attain a favorable purchase price.

2. Applying a standard and strict QC procedure, our QC team is stationed in the factory to make sure that our high-quality products will be distributed to the global warehouse centers safe and sound.

3. With the support of IT talents and steady information processing system, we are able to assure you of the high-speed and safe operating of the website and supply chain.

4. With a professional customer service team, our customers will enjoy Costway's prominent services throughout the world.

5. Through placing orders, writing reviews, subscribing to our newsletters etc., our consumers can get costway reward points, which can be converted into discount to get an even lower price.

2. Fast Delivery & Real Stock

Make no mistakes with our advanced warehouse storage system, costway stocks what we sell. Unlike other internet online stores, we fulfill our orders from our own warehouse. This means faster delivery and the confidence of knowing “In stock” really means IN STOCK. Your packages will be picked up and delivered out by our carriers within 24 hours as soon as we receive an order from you.

3. Dedicated Customer Service

Costway.co.uk is dedicated to servicing our consumers efficiently. Having an extraordinary understanding of the products, our customer service personnel will dedicate themeselves to cope with customized issues in a profession manner.

Write an email to us ([email protected]) or call us on 01473550500 if you have any questions regarding detailed product information, delivery and shipping, order tracking or returns. We will be greatly appreciated if you can give us any advice, to help us improve our service quality in the future.