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 Child Baby Children Wooden Playpen Play Pen Room Divider Heavy Duty Colourful UK

  • 6 Sides
  • 8 Sides
8 Sides

Child Baby Children Wooden Playpen Play Pen Room Divider Heavy Duty Colourful UK

This Playpen can keep Your children safe and secure palce. The gate of our playpen can be opened by adults only and it is possible to open it using only one hand.

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List Price: £62.99

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    Made from natural pine wood
    High quality and with the door
    Perfect for baby and children
    Easy assembly (no extra tools required)
    Retractable after making 2 screws loose
    Swinging hinged doors with safety lock
    Be allowed to construct different shapes
    Can be used outside too, but not during rain
    Feet has a rubber base to avoid scratched floors
    Portable for making it easy to move around the house
    Used as a room divider (all brackets and screws provided)
    Made of pine wood that is treated with paint on water base for safety
    6&8 panels that are interchangeable to increase or decrease playpen size or shape


    Material: Solid pine wood
    Environmental protection water painting
    Individual panels: 90 x 70 cm per side
    Door side: 9 bars
    Other sides: 12 bars( dia: 1.35 cm)per side
    Square stock: 3 x 2 cm
    6&8 sides with one opening gate
    6 sides:
    Colour: Red, yellow and blue
    Max dia: 1.8 m
    8 sides:
    Colour: Green, red, yellow and blue
    Max dia: 2.53 m
    Package include: 1 x playpen

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