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Electric Commercial Cotton Candy Machine

Electric Commercial Cotton Candy Machine

This electrics cotton candy machine is a full-size cotton-candy machine that makes delicious candys.
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Price: £299.95 incl. VAT + Free Shipping

List Price: £315.99

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    This electrics cotton candy machine is a full-size cotton-candy machine that makes delicious candys.


    It is made of durable material. So you can use it for a long time. With sugar as the main raw material, this cotton candy machine can produce a variety of tastes of candys. It can produce the white, red, yellow, blue, green, purple, and other colours of candy.  It is environmental and healthy.

    If you are looking for a such product, do not hesitate to buy it.

    • Brand new and high quality good taste as sweet snow ce certification warms up quickly easy cleaning with a damp cloth
    • Power stabilization,save electricity when making cotton candy
    • Works continually and yields one cotton candy cone per 30 seconds
    • On-off power button switch,convenient built in fuse for safety use
    • Built in volt controller and display meter
    • Four clasps reduce vibration and secure the base to the stainless kettle
    • Large size drawer with three grids for storage
    • Extremely glossy surface, no sugar conglutination
    • Simple to use: Turn on the motor and warm up for 2 minutes. Next, turn on the booster (adjust from 100v to 110v and let warm up for 4 more minutes) begin making cotton candy! 
    • 1 stainless steel pc scoop makes it convenient for refilling sugar into whirl-about. 
    • Stainless steel pan, easy to wash! 
    • 4 holes at the bottom of the cotton machine for connecting into the cart. 
    • 4 long plastic supports prevent vibration and bowl(pan) from sliding
    • Built in electric leakage protection switch
    • A cotton candy maker cart with two wheels (already inflated ready to go) which makes it convenient for moving around.
    • Size: 93 x 52 x 86 cm
    • Power: 1.03 kw volts: 220 v frequency: 50 hz yeild: 30s/one
    • Material: Stainless steel main part: Iron tray: Stainless steel heater: Aluminium
    • Certification: Ce
    • Application: Candy
    • Weight: 13 kg
    • Install: Easy
    • Package includes
    • Cotton candy machine and cart
    • 1 x Instruction manual
    • 1 x Stainless steel scoop
    • 2 x Spare ribbon belts
    • 3 x Grid stainless steel drawer
    • 1 x Stainless steel pan
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