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 Electric Heated Under Blanket Washable Single-Double-King Bed Mattress

  • Single Size
  • King Size
  • Double Size
Electric Heated Under Blanket Washable Single-Double-King Bed Mattress

Electric Heated Under Blanket Washable Single-Double-King Bed Mattress

This is the new electric heated under blanket.

Overall Rating:
9 Reviews
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    These are our newest Electric Heated Under Blankets, which are made from high quality and soft Polyester. Three sizes are available: Single, Double and King.  


    Handy controllers allow you to easily select from a choice of 5 heat settings as well as 4 timer settings. Besides, Double and King size, both come with dual controllers, which can heat both left &right sides separately. You can use your electric blanket in all seasons and choose the settings to suit you.


    Built in advanced overheat protection system, you can enjoy deluxe electric under blanket with complete peace of mind. Welcome!


    • 4 timer settings:1h/2h/4h/8h
    • Suitable for home and office use
    • Standard British plug, CE approved
    • Detachable design for easy washing
    • Noise free for quiet and warm night
    • Perfect combination of warmth and comfort
    • Equipped with 1~8h timer settings and 5 heat settings
    • Set the time and temperature according to your needs
    • Advanced overheat protection system, safe for all night use
    • 5 heat settings: 25℃/30℃/35℃/40℃/40℃, turn to 25℃ in an hour
    • Four small hooks enable you secure the blanket in place(elasticated ropes not included)
    • Color: Cream(As shown in pics)
    • Material : Polyester
    • Voltage: 240V/50Hz
    • The length of the power line: About 150 cm
    • The length of the cable:50 cm (which connect the blanket and controller)
    • Single-190 x 90 cm (L x W)
    • Power: 85 W
    • Number of controller: 1
    • N.W.: About 1.2kg
    • G.W.: About 1.5kg
    • Double-193 x137 cm (L x W)
    • Power: 65 W
    • Number of controller: 2
    • N.W.: About 2kg
    • G.W.: About 2.4kg
    • King-203 x 152 cm (L x W)
    • Power: 65 W
    • Number of controller: 2
    • N.W.: About 2.4kg
    • G.W.: About 2.8kg
    • Package includes: 
    • 1 x Electric underblanket
    • 1 x Instruction
    • NOTE:
    • 1.Hand measurements, there may be some error!
    • 2. Hand washing suggested! Do not wash frequently if you prefer machine washing.

Customer reviews

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Customer reviews


Good size


Getting cold can make joints ache terribly, particularly if you suffer from arthritis. Getting into a warm bed means your body can relax and reduce the pain. Bought this because I can keep it on all night. I have circulatory problems and get terribly cold in bed, and I cannot afford to have the bedroom to the temperature I need, so I was recommended this by my GP as a solution and it works just fine.


There is little to choose between types of electric blankets, this one fits the matress well, is simple to operate and does what is said on the instructions.


Excellent item. Makes you feel like you are laying on a heating pad for your body. Def better than an electric blanket. Dual zones makes my very cold wife super happy... I can lower the temperature on my side to a comfortable level while her side is boiling hotter than the sun during a solar flare. Serious... a great product for those cold winter nights. I can now keep the heat in my house at 58 degrees while my wife remains snug as a bug on the surface of the sun. So if you want to keep your heat low w/o your significant other complaining, buy this product and save £££ on the heating bills.


Excellent value for money. It covers the whole mattress, and doesn't slip off. Each side has a separate control, the heat setting are simple to use, heats up quickly and evenly. I highly recommend this ,it’s the best one that I have purchased.


I was planning to buy this heating cover for ages, finally I did. For my daughter. It’s so much pleasure to go back in bed in evenings when the bed is cold and my 6 e.o.was always asking to come to my bed as she looked for comfort. Not any more) she runs happily into this warm bed now.The blanket have few settings that helps you to set up the heat temperature and time for it which I find amazing. Very good product, recommend!


Fits full width and length of my 3 foot single. Great controller and good quality. Perfect for me.


Very pleased with this blanket considering it’s price.No fancy features and the connector is a bit bulky but it pre-warmed the bed quickly, and on a lower setting, kept me toasty all night.


Bought for my90 years old mum, little complicated to use at first due to so many settings and timers. However it's really long, and feels well made. The blanket actually goes right under her pillows, not sure if this is ok but she has a normal size single bed.