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Expandable Flexible Garden Hose Pipe

A high quality hose suitable for around your home.

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    A high quality hose suitable for around your home.


    Where storage space is limited, this hose is perfect since it expands to 3 times it's original length and then it easily folds up to put away once it has shrunk back down. The highly elastic inner core is protected by a soft, yet robust outer layer that allows for easy manoeuvring around the garden. It has a universal connector that simply attaches to your garden tap and is completed with a spray gun with multiple modes.


    If you are looking for a such product, do not hesitate to buy it.


    • Super strong and durable yet ultra light weight
    • Automatically contracts back in seconds when water is turned off
    • Powerful spray
    • Simply turn the on/off valve to operate
    • American style nozzle with multiple modes--jet, flat, shower, bursting & soaker etc
    • The entyre hose can be held in the palms of your hands making it incredibly easy to store
    • The universal connector attaches to the garden tap
    • Ideal for gardens, patios and cars
    • This expandable hose comes with a nifty multiple pattern spray gun with a rear trigger. There are 7 unique types of spray to choose from: Cone, jet, full, mist, shower, flat and centre
    • Colour: Green (as the pic shows)
    • Material: Imitate latex and dacron outer pipe
    • Expandable length
    • 50 ft = 5 m expands to 15 m. W: 0.6 kg
    • 100 ft = 10 m expands to 30 m W:1.2 kg
    • 150 ft = 15 m expands to 45 m. W: 1.6 kg
    • 200 ft = 20 m expands to 620 m. W: 2.4 kg
    • Approx. size: 18 x 8 cm (handle part); spray nozzle: 5 cm (dia.)
    • Hose thickness: 2 mm
    • Max. pressure: 12 kg
    • Farthest range: 8 m
    • Fully retract to the original length when water is off
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Customer reviews


Good quality


Great hose. Takes a little while to drain the water, but once drained it is easy to store.


Brilliant product


Very happy on all items