Solemn Statement

Solemn Statement

Regarding the illegal elements acting as COSTWAY UK Station Brand Agents

Dear Customers:

Someone has pretended to be COSTWAY's brand agent in UK recently, deceived many buyers in the way of review or other ways on the WeChat and FACEBOOK, which has infringed on our brand reputation. Here, we solemnly declare that:

1. We hereby declare that COSTWAY will not do review through third-party intermediaries like WeChat or FACEBOOK. Any orders that have been placed by a liar, we will provide the order number, the information of a bad review, and return order number to Amazon, our brand will not be responsible for the orders has been happened. If you already believed in cheaters and placed an order from our brand, you can report the seller to Amazon with us.

2. We will thoroughly investigate the behavior and if necessary, pursue their legal responsibilities. Please to be vigilant, beware of being deceived, if possible, please remember the details such as WeChat account, Facebook account, welcome to report it.

3. Official information about our COSTWAY brand can be obtained through the official channels attached below.


4 Jan. 2019

Official channels are as follows:

1. COSTWAY UK Website: https://www.costway.co.uk

2. COSTWAY UK Official FACEBOOK Homepage: https://www.facebook.com/costway.co.uk/

3. COSTWAY UK Contact FACEBOOK Home Page: https://www.facebook.com/zhengyin.wang.73

4. COSTWAY UK Station Wechat: integrity668899

5. COSTWAY UK Contact Email Address: [email protected]