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Reciprocating Saws>

 Mini Circular Saw Strong Tool 54.8MM W/Wood,Tile & Metal Blades Guide

Mini Circular Saw Strong Tool 54.8MM W/Wood,Tile & Metal Blades Guide

Mini Circular Saw Strong Tool 54.8MM W/Wood,Tile & Metal Blades Guide

      The saw is intended for sawing different types of thin material for home use

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    • The precision circular saw can be used to when it is necessary to saw accurately and when it is not desirable to create any dust,or if there is a risk of sawing pipes or cables
    • The precision circular saw is unique because the material to be sawn is clamped by the saw between the base plate and the work bench
    • The blade is then pushed into the material to be sawn to produce a quick, easy and clean resuit.
    • This small, easy to handle and electronic plunge cut circular saw will cut nearly everything,such as wood,Metal, Composites,Plastics,Minerals.
    • Due to the high rotational speed of 4000 rpm,the cut in the material is perfect and free of nicks and burrs – providing “precision” quality
    • The multi function saw can cut depth of material from 0 to 12mm, up to the thickness of 3mm for aluminium and lead

    Voltage: 230v-50hz
    Power: 400w
    Sawing depth: 0-12mm
    Speed: 4000rmp
    Cable: 2m with uk plug
    Max blade diameter : 54.8mm
    Max/min blade width: 2mm/0.75mm
    Packing including:
    1 x high speed steel 30teeth cutting blade 54.8mmØ x 11mmØ for aluminium
    1 x tungsten carbide 18teeth cutting blade 54.8mmØ x 11mmØ for wood
    1 x diamond cutting blade 4.8mmØ x11mmØ for floor tiles and clinker
    1 x 1.6m aspiration hole
    1 x 5mm hex socket wrench
    1 x 3mm hex wrench
    1 x storage case
    1 x manual instruction

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