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Dropship with Costway

*Our Dropship policy will be updated soon

Do you want to be a general drop shipper of Costway UK? We here provide such an opportunity to have you directly sell all of our products whose discount policyis very persuasive.

Benefit for drop shipping

1. No joining fee

2. Dropship discount

3. Free shipping UK mainland

4. Free use of CostwayUK product images except the first picture of item

5. Ship item to your customer directly, no need to store items

6. Bulk orders for whose orders exceed 30 quantities one day

Below is our discount rates for your reference:

Level Total sales within a month Drop ship discount
Level 1 500 a month Double points
Level 2 1000 a month 1% discount and double points
Level 3 2000 a month 2% discount and double points
Level 4 5000 a month 3% discount and double points
Level 5 10000 a month 5% discount and double points


1. When you reach the level, please don’t hesitate to contact us (cs.uk@costway.com) and we will activate your account for discount.

2. All sale amount will deduct the non-quality refund. Please offer your communication record with your customer about after-sale problem for our reference.

3. All discount can be used for next month orders.

4. Drop ship discounts do not apply to promotional or bulk discounted items.

5. Costway UK reserve the right of final interpretation.