What is Costway UK Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is the model without a middleman that offers the opportunity for retailers to hugely benefit by selling products directly from the manufacturers to the customers. Retailers simply pass the orders to Costway UK. Customers will receive the ordered products directly from Costway UK. Your profit is the difference between our selling price and your listed price of the items sold.

Why Costway UK?

  • No Joining Fee and Earn Higher Profit

    Be rewarded with redeemable coupons and offers regardless of your dropship level.

  • Fast and Free Shipping UK Mainland

    Costway covers all expenses, from packaging to shipping. Products will be shipped to your customers in 2-4 business days. (We don't ship to the Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Scilly Isles, Scottish Islands.)

  • Lower costs

    We're constantly pushing promotions to help you get your favourite product for lower cost. Unnecessary storing of products as we ship the items directly to your customers.

  • 3000+ Products

    We have 2 warehouses in the UK, and with thousands of products listed, from home & garden to toys and pet supplies, you can be sure we fulfil all your needs.

  • Product Support

    The right to use images of Costway UK products, we will provide you with a CSV file daily after the certification, containing everything you need, image links, description, and stock management.

  • Our Guarantee

    We offer a 90-day quality guarantee
    We guarantee you a quick response.
    We guarantee your privacy will be respected.

Dropship Discount & Coupons

  • Level 1

    *Total Sales:
    < £2000

    They Enjoy:

    10% Discount

    (£10 in total)

    £1 = 1 Point

  • Level 2

    *Total Sales:
    £2000 - £4000

    They Enjoy:

    12% Discount

    (£50 in total)

    £1 = 1 Point

  • Level 3

    *Total Sales:
    £4000 - £10000

    They Enjoy:

    15% Discount

    (£180 in total)

    £1 = 1 Point

  • Level 4

    *Total Sales:
    £10000 - £30000

    They Enjoy:

    18% Discount

    (£500 in total)

    £1 = 2 Points

  • Level 5

    *Total Sales:
    ≥ £30000

    They Enjoy:

    20% Discount


    £1 = 2 Points

*Total Sales: Unrefunded sales. All refunded order amounts are not included in the Total Sales.



Percentage Discount:

Percentage discount coupons are accumulated based on total sales.
The coupon code will be sent by email.
The discount coupon can be used multiple times within the current level and has no expiry date.
It cannot be combined with other coupons.


Extra Coupons:

Extra coupons will be sent to My Account - My Coupon.
It cannot be combined with other coupons.


Dropshipping Points:

Dropshipping points cannot be offset against order amounts. They can only be redeemed for dropship coupons.
The points collected per order are valid for one year.

How to join the Costway Dropship Program?


1. How can I get certification from Costway?

First, please register on our website for the dropship program and fill in your store information. Submit your application for review. And we will send you the store certification via email in 2-5 business days.

2. Is there any other way to integrate with eBay, wooCommerce, Shopify store, Etc.?

All steps will be followed after you have the certification. First, we will provide you with a CSV file containing everything you will need, image links, descriptions, and stock management.

3. Can I become a drop-shipper without a storefront?

Hi, having a store is the prerequisite to becoming the Costway drop shipper.

4. How can I track my packages?

After the item is shipped out, you will receive an email with a tracking number.

5. How can I get the discount if I am a drop shipper?

Percentage discount coupons are issued as follows: when your sales reach the relevant level, an email notification will be sent to you, including the coupon code. You can use the coupon code when placing your order.

6. Can I use the dropshipping discounts with other coupons?

No. Dropshipping discounts can not be used with other coupons.

7. What are the Costway Dropshipping Points? How can I use them?

Costway Dropshipping Points are reward points equivalent to coupons or discounts. Costway Dropshipping Points are earned through numerous activities in our online store costway.co.uk.
Costway Dropshipping Points cannot be used to decrease the order amount but can be redeemed for vouchers.

8. Why did I change back to Level1 from Level2?

Level changes are accrued based on the effective amount, i.e. the total amount excluding all refunds. Please check if you have made a new refund and if the cumulative total after the refund does not reach the minimum £2000 required for Level 2. If the data is incorrect, please contact us by email: [email protected].

9. Why have I reached the upgrade amount but haven't upgraded yet?

(1) We will only count the order amount after the goods are delivered.
(2) The system will have a certain delay. Please wait.

10. If I am a Level 5 drop shipper, can I use the coupons in the previous levels?

Yes. Regardless of the level, you can still use the vouchers you have previously obtained as long as they are still valid.

11. I am an Amazon seller. What should I pay attention to?

If you want to sell on Amazon, please do not copy and follow other sellers' product listings. It is recommended to compile your own product list based on our product range on costway.co.uk (i.e. you should generate new ASINs). Please change both the title and product description. Otherwise, your product and store may be blocked by Amazon.

12. I also have sales business in other countries. Can I still go to Costway's other countries to register after I register a drop shipper in UK?

Sure. We have online sites in US, CA, Germany, France, Italy, Spain. You can register your middleman account for each country site, but please note that only one valid dropship account can be registered for the same platform and store.

13. My customers have after-sales problems. Can you help me solve them? How do my guests return the goods?

Of course, please provide your communication documents with customers about after-sales issues for reference.
For returns, you can refer to the return policy: https://www.costway.co.uk/our-guarantee

14. How do I know the stock quantity of the product?

We provide product feed files that are automatically updated every day. You can download the latest product list through the feed link. Please update the products in your store in time. If the products are sold out, you will not be able to resell them.

15. Why can't I upload the CSV file?

Different stores have different format requirements. Please organize and upload our product information in the format required by your store.

We would like to know a bit more information about your business

Do you have a operating store?
Opening date of store
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Dropship Authorization Certification

Dear sellers,
To ensure you have all the rights to sell products from au.costway.com, you must get our Authorization Certification.
Please fill out the following form before placing any order. If you don't have the following information, you can come to your account and fill out the shop information.
#1 Shop Name:
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#1 Shop Link:
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#1 Online Platform your shop locates:
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Shops are limited.


Dropship Authorization Certification

1. Can you introduce your shop? Including opening date, products, and service.
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2. What do you think about further cooperation? What can you be given? What can you bring to Costway?
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3. How much do you know about Costway Dropship Program?
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Your application has been successfully submitted.

You will receive an e-mail
either being accepted or not accepted to the program in 7 days.

Thank you for your participation!

Redeem Points for Dropship Coupon

300 Points

* Unconditional

500 Points

* for orders over £70

1000 Points

* for orders over £100

2000 Points

* for orders over £200

3000 Points

* for orders over £300

8000 Points

* for orders over £500


1. Dropship points can only be redeemed for coupons and cannot be used to offset the order amount.

2. Coupons are valid for 3 months.

3. Once redeemed, coupons can not be returned to points.

Redeem Points

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