Floating Weed Lake Rake with 92cm Rake Head

Ultimate Aquatic Weeds and Algae Removal Tool!

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Ultimate Aquatic Weeds and Algae Removal Tool!
Our floating weed lake rake comes with a detachable extended pole, therefore you can choose between 2 handle lengths (156 cm and 232 cm) based on your preference. It can serve as a lake rake for lake and pond cleaning, or serve as a landscape rake for your garden or patio lawn care. Thanks to the sharp and efficient 36-tine rake head with 92 cm width, this aluminium rake provides wide coverage, allowing you to effortlessly and efficiently complete your yard maintenance tasks. More than that, it includes a 2-pack float with foams and fixing straps, allowing you to manoeuvre the rake effortlessly while putting in minimal effort. And the 600 cm throwing rope is designed for quickly removing aquatic plants and algae on the shore. And with its 3-section pole and foldable rake head design, you can easily fold it into a compact size, making storage and transportation a breeze. And the convenient spring buckle connections make it easy and quick to assemble. Built with durability and convenience in mind, this rake adopts a lightweight yet sturdy aluminium pole. Whether you're clearing aquatic vegetation, removing algae, or tending to your landscape, this versatile tool can meet your needs.


Multipurpose Design: This foldable aluminium rake is designed both for water and land use. It can be used as a floating lake and pond rake to clear weeds and algae. Also, it can be used as a landscape rake for maintaining lawns, loosening soil, and quickly levelling sand on sports fields.
Extended Cleaning Reach: Equipped with 2 foam floats and 4 detachable fixing straps, this floating weed lake rake provides superior buoyancy and stability while saving labour. Moreover, it comes with a 600 cm throwing rope, which can effectively extend your reach for cleaning shoreline debris.
Foldable Design & Easy Installation: The rake head can be easily folded and the landscape rake can be detached into 3 sections, allowing for hassle-free storage and transportation. Additionally, 3 sections are connected by convenient spring buckles, which are easy and quick to set up.
Sturdy & Durable Construction: The landscape rake is constructed of premium aluminium, which is not only rustproof and durable but also lightweight and convenient to use. Furthermore, thanks to its sharp 36-tine rake head with 92 cm width, your yard maintenance tasks would be quicker and more efficient.
Adjustable Handle & User-Friendly Gripping Design: The 3-section floating weed lake rake features an extended pole, offering two handle length options (156 cm and 232 cm) for your convenience. Besides, it adopts a convenient triangular handle, providing a comfortable and secure grip.



Colour: Silver+Yellow

Material: Aluminum, Metal, Foam

Overall Dimensions: 92 x 12 x 156-232 cm (L x W x H)

Length of the Throwing Rope: 600 cm

Net Weight: 2.5 kg


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Customer Reviews
  1. Heavy, unwieldy & not entirely functional
    Almost gave two stars. The pole is relatively easy to put together but it's either too short or if extended it is unwieldy- the pole is then over 2 meters long. The device is also rather heavy, weighing 5.5 pounds (or 2.5K). Worst of all, the two rake pieces will not fold out from the central part; you are supposed to press buttons to release a spring mechanism but these did not work. We gave up trying to get the rakes to function and used it to remove some curly water weed. This was fairly successful but because the tines are like metal teeth, you need to be extremely careful if using in a manmade wildlife pond so as not to damage the liner.

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  2. Does the job
    Good product.

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